Careers Involving Nutrition

In the past years, career opportunities for Nutrition majors have grown as the society realizes the importance of health and wellness. Nutritionists and dietitians have actually become an important part of ensuring that all nutrition and diet related challenges in the home as well as community are properly addressed.Community Dietician
The main responsibility of a community dietitian is to develop as well as oversee different nutritional programs. Usually, the programs are very specific for a group like children, chronically-ill individuals or the elderly since these groups would have particular nutritional needs. A community dietitian usually works in wellness centers, health maintenance organizations or HMO and public health agencies. To start a career in this capacity, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics or Nutrition is required.Nutrition Educator
Working as a Nutrition Educator will entail providing the public with relevant nutritional information. These professionals are usually employed by a government agency, community center or health organizations. Another option is to teach short courses in nutrition and dietetics in a graduate or undergraduate nutrition program. Individuals interested in such career should have a Master’s degree or PhD especially for posts in a college or university.Clinical Dietician
For nutrition majors who want to be involved in nutritional health management or therapy, a job as a clinical dietician will be perfect. They usually work in hospital, nursing home or clinic setting. Some privately-practicing physicians also hire clinical dietitians to provide them with proper nutritional assistance. At the least, a degree holder in nutrition or dietetics will be required. In addition, registration to the American Dietetic Association is a must.Food Service Manager
A manager in the food service industry will involve overseeing the food being served. Whether in a hospital, restaurants, school and nursing homes; the food service manager’s responsibility is to make sure that the public will be eating healthy foods that are also safe for consumption. Since these institutions will require unique programs for proper food preparation and selection, managers will most likely undergo training to be able to fulfill these responsibilities.

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